Legal notice

This Legal Notice governs the use of the website (hereafter, the Website) belonging to the National Perfumery and Cosmetics Association (hereafter, Stanpa), domiciled at Plaza Santa Bárbara 3, Madrid, with tax ID G–28541167, with Articles of Association deposited at the Article Depositary service of the Scheduling and Administrative Action Office of the Directorate General for Employment at the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, under deposit number 99000566 and email address

Use of the Website requires the express acceptance by the user of all the clauses indicated in this Legal Notice and all the warnings or specific clauses established for contracting certain services, products or use of areas of the Website.

Users who do not accept the clauses established in this Legal Notice must refrain from visiting the Website and/or using the services and/or content offered on the Website, and must leave the Website.



Users undertake not to use the Website for activities, which are against the law, morals or public order, and in general, to use it according to the conditions established in this Legal Notice. They also undertake not to use a false identity to carry out advertising or commercial actions.

Stanpa is exclusively responsible for the Website in its role as the provider of information about its own services. It accepts no liability for any content which a user may upload or publish in breach of these terms and conditions, such user being solely responsible for the truthfulness and legality of such content.

Stanpa may cease to provide the service of the Website currently being used by the User, and may immediately dissolve the relationship with the user if it detects a use of the Website or any of the services offered on it which may go against the stipulations of this Legal Notice.


Browsing protection

When connecting to the Internet, as well as basic protection of your computer, it is advisable to take the following precautions:

Use updated browser versions.

When logging into the private area, check that the login uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure it is secure and that any information provided will be confidential.

Browse websites you already know.

Do not accept the execution of programmes that download and attempt to open automatically if you do not trust the site from which they downloaded.

If using public or shared computers, check the option to automatically remember passwords is not enabled.

Password protection.

The issued passwords are totally confidential and users are responsible for using them correctly, with a duty of diligence in their use and safekeeping.

Also, passwords should not be written on paper or in computer documents.

You can change your password from time to time. In this case, we recommend choosing a new password that is difficult to guess, avoiding common mistakes like using your birthday, child’s birthday, phone number, etc.

Virus protection.

Viruses are external programmes that install themselves on your computer, usually invisibly, for harmful purposes, such as wiping files or the hard drive, spreading to other computers, recording keystrokes or causing malfunctions. To avoid possible virus infections, it is advisable to:

Have antivirus software and keep it updated. Check the programme maker’s instructions to see how to enable automatic updates.

Use the antivirus software to scan any documents you download or which come from external media, such as mobile devices.

Install programmes from trustworthy sources, which do not breach intellectual property rights.

It is a good idea to install an anti-spyware system to avoid spyware, programmes that endanger your security. We also recommend setting up a spam filter system to limit unwanted mass emails.

If you receive emails you did not sign up for, it is advisable to check with the sender or delete it without opening. You should never open it, even if it comes from a known source.

Do not take part in chain emails or forward emails thoughtlessly.

Do not run or open attached files directly. It is much safer to first download them to a folder on your computer.

Having an antivirus programme does not guarantee your equipment is totally protected for two main reasons: viruses can be so new that the programme does not recognise it and there can be “false positives”, when an innocuous programme has coding sequences that are similar to a virus.



All the elements on this Website: text, images, brands, graphics, logos, buttons, software files, colourways and the structure, selection, organisation and presentation of its content are protected by Intellectual and Industrial Property laws, and may not be reproduced, distributed, publicly communicated or transformed, except for personal and private use.

Stanpa does not guarantee that the content will be exactly accurate or free of mistakes, or that its access by users will not infringe the rights of third-parties. The user is liable for use or misuse of this website and its content.

The reproduction, broadcast, copying, transfer or redistribution of all or part of the information on this website, for any purpose and on any medium, is prohibited unless authorised in advance by Stanpa.



The website may include links to third-party sites. Websites belonging to third parties have not been reviewed or monitored by Stanpa. In all cases, Stanpa cannot be held responsible for the content of third-party sites or for their privacy policies or treatment of personal data.

Stanpa recommends reading the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policies of such sites carefully.

If you are interested in linking to a Stanpa web page, you must inform us and obtain express consent to create the link. Stanpa reserves the right to oppose links to its website.



Stanpa reminds adult users in charge of minors that it is the exclusive responsibility of these adult users to determine if any services and/or content are inappropriate for the latter’s age group.

Stanpa informs you that there are computer programmes that enable you to filter or block access to certain content and services, so that parents or guardians, for example, can decide what online content and services the minors in their charge can access.



Stanpa accepts no direct or indirect liability for:

The quality of the service, the speed of access, the correct functioning, the availability or the functional continuity of the Website.

Any damage caused to the users’ equipment due to using the Website.

Cases in which a third party breaches the established security measures and gains access to messages or uses them to send a computer virus.

The flaws and defects of any content transmitted, spread, stored or made available on the website.

The legality, trustworthiness and usefulness of user-transmitted content when using the website or the services provided by it, or the truthfulness or accuracy of such content. Stanpa does not control how users use the Website, nor does it guarantee that they use it according to the stipulations of this Legal Notice.

Updating the content in the news sections.

Users will be responsible for, non-exhaustively:

The content they add, especially data and information they enter and send to Stanpa on or via the Website.

Any type of action they take if this is illegal, infringes on the rights of others or is harmful.

Safekeeping of their username and password. These must not be divulged to third parties in order to avoid identity theft or the provision of false or inaccurate information.



This Legal Notice was drafted in Spanish and is subject to the applicable legislation of Spain. With the acceptance of the clauses of this Legal Notice, the parties agree to submit to the competent courts of Madrid for any type of conflict arising from the use of the services provided or our own content on the website.


Last updated: 8 May 2017