Men’s cosmetics

In recent years, men have shown a growing interest in their image: 61% of Spanish men feel more attractive when they are well-groomed, and 56% feel it is important to maintain their youthful appearance.

Men who often consume perfumery and cosmetic products tend to be very selective, choosing brands with high added value.

It should be noted that men tend to choose products that are easy to use and multifunctional, which have a more masculine image. As working lives are extended and men become more aware of their appearance and self-care, this business segment is likely to continue growing, developing new categories and formats.

In the last decade, skincare products, especially facial products, have become more popular among consumers, both men and women, and this is now the largest category in the sector.

Icono decorativo The rise of the barber

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80% of the best barbershops in Spain are passed from parents to children. These are the most authentic barbershops, the ones that end up being more like clubs.

They cut hair and trim beards, but customers are also looking for advice and conversation from other men.

Good quality barbershops depend on the professionalism of the barbers, the treatments and care offered and how they treat the customers. These days, a barbershop is a place for experiences.

Icono decorativo Men’s fragrances

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9 out of 10 men prefer to choose high-end fragrances from luxury retailers