COSMILE Europe: Information on cosmetic ingredients at your fingertips

Faced with the continuous flow of disinformation available on the internet, this initiative is part of the cosmetics industry’s commitment to provide transparent information on cosmetic products that consumers use on a daily basis, helping them make informed decisions in their buying. This database is publicly available and allows you to understand why certain ingredients are included in cosmetics, what properties they have and much more.
Cosmetics Europe launches COSMILE Europe, the European database that, starting today, will allow European citizens to easily consult reliable, verified and scientifically supported information on 30,000 cosmetic ingredients. In this database, already available in 14 languages, users will be able to find information regarding the properties of these ingredients, their function, whether they are synthetic and/or of natural origin and in what types of products they can find them, among others.

With the intention of going further in its commitment, in 2015 Stanpa approved a Self-Regulation Code for Responsible Advertising in the Perfumery and Cosmetics Sector, accepted by the companies that make up Stanpa and open to any other companies in the sector joining. This code establishes a common basis of shared principles and criteria in order to offer society and the public responsible advertising and marketing communications in the context of fair competition. At the same time, Stanpa and Autocontrol signed a collaboration agreement defining a mechanism for monitoring compliance with and application of the Responsible Advertising Code, with Autocontrol taking on the task of monitoring this.

Access to the database