Leaders in exports: Beauty from Spain

Spain is among the Top 10 worldwide exporters of beauty products reaching a record high as the world’s second largest perfume exporter. The sector’s export figures are over 4.26 billion euros, with growth over 10%

This places it above such iconic and internationally famous Spanish industries as wine, footwear and olive oil.

Meanwhile, Spain is also strengthening its position as an exporter of essences and aromas. Sales of essential oils abroad are worth over 420 million euros (+8.4%). Leading among these exports are some very typically Spanish aromas: grapefruit, lemon and orange oils.
Stanpa publishes a bilingual catalogue every year in digital and physical form, which provides a practical and visual guide to companies and products in the Spanish beauty industry with information on nearly 200 leading exporters.
This is a strategic tool for importers, distributors, foreign companies, specialist magazines and international trade fairs.

Products Made in Spain are present
in over 150 countries and worth €4.26 billion in 2018

Exports by region and most demanded products

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