National and international standards

As the representative of the cosmetics industry in Spain, Stanpa has always been an active participant in all activities relating to technical and scientific advances relevant to the sector.

In 1988, Stanpa became the national secretariat of the UNE’s Technical Standardisation Committee CTN 84 (essential oils and cosmetic products), which includes 12 working groups.

Stanpa also leads the ISO worldwide group on natural products, with participating experts from over 30 countries on all five continents.

The cosmetics sector has established new standards for correctly disposing of wet wipes and moist toilet tissue with the publication of Stanpa’s Best Practices code for labelling wet wipes and moist toilet tissue, as part of the cosmetics industry’s commitment to protecting the environment. This code supports the standard UNE 149002:2019 on flushable products, published in February 2019, which STANPA played an essential role in drafting.