The cosmetics industry is a positive example of the role research and development can play in today’s society. R&D.

We are not just talking about the resources invested - there is also a constantly increasing rate of innovation. Before launching a new product onto the market, there is a long path of research, testing and safety analysis, without experimentation on animals. The sector has reformulated 1 in 3 products in the last two years to make them safer, more effective and more sustainable. This level of innovation and development is only possible with scientific support. Regulation that protects consumers Stanpa is a point of reference in the cosmetics industry in Spain and internationally, for both companies and consumers.

We are constantly updated on the changes to cosmetics technology and regulations, enabling us to remain at the forefront of effectiveness and safety in terms of the products sold in Spain. Our main goal is to provide rigorous, objective information to companies, consumers and society in order to support a competitive market and informed decision-making.

El sector de la perfumería y la cosmética es una de las industrias que más invierten en innovación dentro del sector de gran consumo.

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Innovation for well-being

The sector invests in R&D to guarantee its products are safe, avoid any undesirable effects and increase their effectiveness. The cosmetics industry can adapt to any state of health, with special care for consumers with specific needs, such as sensitive skin or allergies, even attending to the needs of people undergoing treatment for cancer through the Stanpa Foundation.

Spain’s cosmetics industry invests several percentage points more than the European average in R&D, with a total of 300 million euros a year, 3.4% of its turnover.

Innovation for sustainability

Perfumery and cosmetics have always been on the side of nature, with environmentally friendly ingredients and processes. Consumers are increasingly choosing to ally themselves with brands and products with links to CSR actions, which respect nature and have a proven ethical stance. Cosmetics have also evolved, and thus, in the last two years, over half the companies in the sector have created natural, “eco”, “bio” or “organic” product lines.

Innovation for diversity

Our industry listens and responds to the diversity of the new socio-demographic situation and promotes inclusion, offering alternatives for every consumer. Any type of person, whatever their age, ethnicity or lifestyle, can use cosmetics to improve their self-esteem, health, integration in society and freedom of expression.