Stanpa’s Innovation Advisory Committee

What is Stanpa’s Innovation Advisory Committee?

Stanpa’s Innovation Advisory Committee is an initiative that began within the framework of “Feeling Innovation”, the Association’s plan to disseminate innovation as a strategic tool connecting innovation to society’s needs and demands.

Through this initiative, we want to strengthen our commitment to innovation, committing to active listening and surrounding ourselves with inspiring people who help us continue driving innovation and generating a positive impact on society. We know that this is a long road, and we do not want to move forward alone when we could do so learning from the best.

The Committee consists of a diverse range of respected figures from different fields relating to innovation and the three core areas of Feeling Innovation: innovation for well-being, diversity and sustainability.

The Innovation Advisory Committee is expected to meet in person, under the Chatham House Rule, twice a year to discuss the main challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

Committee members