STANPA AND FEIQUE collaborate to secure 4.5 million liters of hydroalcoholic gels to support the fight against the pandemic

Press Release

3rd, April 2020

  • Five major perfume and cosmetics manufacturers have already delivered more than 270,000 liters of hydroalcoholic solutions since the alert began and will supply 310,000 more liters in the next fifteen days.
  • These 600,000 liters already assure the needs of gels of the national health system for these weeks and offer the capacity to attend other entities of public interest, such as nursing homes and state security forces.
  • Additionally, the joint effort of forty-five other small manufacturers, which have produced more than 1.7 million liters of gel and will produce 2.1 million more in the coming weeks, are allowing the supply to society throughout the territory.

The associations of the cosmetics (Stanpa) and chemical (Feique) sector have been collaborating since the beginning of the health crisis to produce and supply hydro-alcoholic gels to support the fight against the pandemic and ensure supply for the health system, nursing homes and state security forces. The commitment of the companies that integrate both employers makes it possible to convey a message of tranquility regarding the availability of these solutions, essential to combat contagion.

Five major perfume and cosmetics manufacturers have already produced more than 270,000 liters of hydroalcoholic solutions in the last two weeks and will produce 310,000 more liters in the next fifteen days. Therefore, the more than 600,000 liters supplied for nonprofit purposes ensure the needs of gels of the national health system.

According to Juan Antonio Labat, General Manager of FEIQUE, “from the Business Federation of the chemical sector we take care of monitoring the situation of supplies of essential ingredients, such as alcohol, for the development of these products by Stanpa manufacturers. Collaboration between suppliers and manufacturers is crucial at the moment and is being fluid and effective, thus offering short-term results”.

On the other hand, Val Díez, General Manager of Stanpa, appeals on behalf of the manufacturers, “at this moment, there is the capacity to attend to all hospitals and to ensure supply in the coming weeks. In this context, it is important to request agility from the Administrations so that the delivery channels are fluid, since sometimes it is difficult to connect with the health system. As for the nursing homes, they are a priority place, so we offer the departments of social affairs to get in direct contact with Stanpa to be able to supply product wherever it is needed.”

Since the beginning of the crisis, the technical departments of both associations have worked to identify the scientific-technical barriers and have added the power of the more than 600 FEIQUE associates that produce ingredients, with the capacities of the more than 300 Stanpa associates, which have made possible the almost instantaneous conversion of cosmetics factories into producers of hydroalcoholic solutions.

The territorial presence of both associations has allowed for closer public-private collaboration between large providers and the National Health System. Likewise, the development of different initiatives by the member companies of both employers has made it possible to deliver thousands of liters of hydroalcoholic gels to local police, civil protection and the Civil Guard, whose work requires continued protection.

Given the organizational complexity of the System, both associations have joined forces from the beginning and are working closely and with a totally practical approach. “We know the sector by heart and that joint knowledge is impressive. As soon as a manufacturer exposes difficulties or deficiencies to us, without bureaucracy or forms, we connect him with potential suppliers or with whom we know can help him,”declare Pilar García, Technical Director of Stanpa and María Eugenia Anta, Director of Commerce and Internationalization of FEIQUE, and they add “the work to secure new sources of alcohol, such as bioethanol, already available for surface disinfectants, is about to bear fruit, which will further amplify the national capacity available to produce sanitizing gels and hand sanitizers.”

The sector of packaging, caps and dosing systems, as the third link in the chain, has also played a crucial role in ensuring supply. From the first moment, through ANAIP, it has had the support of plastic manufacturers to reinvent and reuse millions of packages from other applications and ensure their availability in record time.

Since the origin of the alert, Stanpa has made available to the State the supply capacity of five large perfume or cosmetics manufacturers such as Puig, Cantabria Labs, L’Oréal, Nivea and Mixer & Pack. To ensure coordination, Stanpa has designed and offered the Ministry of Health a territorial efficiency plan that has made it possible to ensure urgent supplies to the Autonomous Communities such as Madrid, Catalonia and the entire Peninsula, but also to ensure supply to the islands, both in the Balearic and Canary Islands, places where transport has additional complexity.

All this could not be possible without the involvement of the workers of these companies. Along with the large manufacturers, dozens of altruistic initiatives have emerged and more than forty-five medium and small manufacturers throughout the country have also transformed their capacity, managing to contribute, together, more than 1.7 million liters to the system through different channels and attending to proximity needs. This effort will continue in the coming weeks, contributing another 2.1 million liters.

The joint work of Feique and Stanpa will continue connecting needs and capacities throughout the crisis. Both associations celebrate that the Royal Decree-Law that determines the essential activities has valued, not only the activity of the chemical and hygiene and personal care sector and its essential character for people, but also that the employers themselves have have been considered as essential activity entities.


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