Mission, vision, values and strategic levers

Our Mission

We represent and drive a perfume and cosmetics industry which is competitive, dynamic, innovative and sustainable, committed to the care and well-being of people in a diverse global society.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a point of reference for expertise and a forum for dialogue inside and outside the sector, connecting SMEs and large companies with the trends that will guide their future. We are working to support and drive the transformation of our members, contributing to responding to challenges through science and innovation, and generating a positive impact on our environment.

Our Values

  • COMMITMENT. Committed to companies and to society, to diversity and to global challenges. Social responsibility is part of our culture. We are committed to innovation and sustainability. We are passionate about what we do, setting ourselves challenging targets, and we consider work well done to be primordial.
  • CREDIBILITY AND RIGOUR. Everything we do is based on advanced technical and scientific expertise, rigorous data and recognised standards. We are the benchmark for credibility and rigour in the perfume, cosmetics and personal care industry. Our credibility is based on experts and on accurate, proven information. We aspire to be a source of knowledge and accessible to society.
  • TRANSPARENCY. We believe in open, participatory dialogue, based on transparency and shared interests. We work to maximise the confidence of our associated companies, their employees, government bodies, and society as a whole. We develop networks of honest cooperation with entities of recognised worth.
  • PROACTIVITY. Stanpa is constantly seeking new challenges. We like to look ahead, take control and help things happen. We want to be an agent of transformation for the continuous improvement of companies. We provide solutions for our members, and connect opportunities to build a better environment for companies, for people, for society and for the planet.

Strategic levers