We are Stanpa. The National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics. Founded in 1952, we currently integrate more than 400 entities that manufacture and distribute perfumes, cosmetics and personal care products in our country. The associated companies represent more than 90% of the sector.

It is a sector that listens and anticipates the needs and motivations we have as individuals to contribute to our current and future well – being, taking care of ourselves, improving our moods boosting self-esteem. Likewise, it attends to the diversity of a changing sociodemographic reality and promotes inclusion by offering alternatives for each consumer profile.
At the same time, thanks to the continuous progress of applied research, it evolves minimizing the impact on the environment with more respectful ingredients and formulas and betting on a model of responsible and sustainable economic development.

Board of Directors of the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics 2020.

Board of Directors

    Management Team

      Our origins.

      In 1934, a group of businessmen aware of the defense the defense of the specific interests of the sector were grouped, within the framework of the chemical industry, in the Board of Perfumery and Allied of the Official Chamber of Industries of Barcelona.

      In 1952, when Spain began to show a change in its economic policy and showed the first signs of industrial openness, the perfumery and cosmetics industry was recognised for the first time as a sector with a distinct entity, and the Agrupación Sindical Autónoma de la Industria de Perfumería y Afines (Autonomous Trade Union Association of the Perfumery and Allied Industries) was formed for the first time.

      After several initiatives at the regional level, the first board of directors of the group prepared, in 1956, a draft of statutes to create a National Scope Group.

      The statutes of the future Association were finally approved in 1957. And the National Association of Perfumery and Related Industries was constituted, the true origin and essence of Stanpa, an association characterized, from the beginning, by its participatory spirit and collective responsibility of companies in the sector. Since that year and during the more than fifty years, in the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics we have constantly evolved, incorporating new members, including the major multinational companies, and maintaining the spirit of service that characterized our constitution.

      Always at the forefront of perfumery and cosmetics in Spain, throughout this time, we have grown, we have adapted to the present, we have expanded areas and departments, taken on new challenges, with a strong and determined leadership position always among our European colleagues, and we will continue to do so.


      The Board of Perfumeries and Allied Industries

      In 1934, in the context of a turbulent Spain and an international economic crisis, a group of businessmen who were aware of the specific interests of the sector came together, within the framework of the chemical industry, in the Board of

      Perfumery and Allied Industries of the Official Chamber of Industries of Barcelona. This was the seed of Stanpa.


      Stanpa presents its Annual Report


      Perfumery and cosmetics as a sector


      100th Partner


      Fernando González Hervada celebrates 25 years in Stanpa's General Management.

      He began his career at the head of the association in 1970.
      In 1994, under his mandate, the Aenor ISO TC 54 World Assembly was held in Madrid, and it was the following year, in 1996, that he led the Cosmetics Europe General Assembly held in Seville.


      Fernando González Hervada steps down as Director General after 37 years at the helm of the association and Val Díez takes over from him.

      Fernando G. Hervada was tremendously charismatic and a natural leader. At the head of the association for almost forty years, under his leadership, the pillars of a solid, strong and representative Stanpa were built.


      D. Esteban Rodés takes over the presidency of Stanpa.


      Stanpa celebrates its 60th anniversary


      Stanpa Barcelona moves its headquarters


      The Stanpa Foundation celebrates its 5th anniversary, the Perfume Academy becomes a foundation and Stanpa Madrid moves to new premises


      Tribute to the Founders: "A Century of Beauty".

      Stanpa celebrates a tribute - under the motto "A century of beauty" - to all the founders of perfumery and cosmetics of the 20th century, in the framework of the farewell of the President of Stanpa, Mr. Esteban Rodés Monegal, who, after more than ten years, announced that he would leave his position at the end of 2018.

      A unique and historic event that brought together the more than 50 founding companies of the sector that were created in the 20th century. Recognition was given to those outstanding men and women who, a century ago, laid the foundations for what is today a successful industry and an international benchmark. For this reason, they were honoured by being awarded the Association's Gold Badge and a certificate of recognition as historical figures.


      Verónica Fisas asume la Presidencia de Stanpa

      Verónica Fisas, Consejera Delegada de Natura Bissé y Consejera de Caixabank, asume la Presidencia de la asociación.

      Desde el año 2012 había ostentado la vicepresidencia de esta organización y ahora se convierte en la primera mujer que accede a la Presidencia.