What we do

Our work is based on science, our scope is international, and our mission is to create a world where people look after themselves, live and prosper in harmony with nature.

We offer specialist technical and scientific information and advice on legal matters, labour relations and training. We also help companies expand or internationalise their activities.
We have created substantial value through new areas of services for our members and the sector as a whole. In addition to the rigour of our regulatory and legal departments, we have extended our international arena, market research and studies, training, sustainability and communications, including transparent and proactive collaboration with national and international bodies, universities and consumers.

Technical and scientific consulting

Stanpa’s technical department is a point of reference in the cosmetics industry, both in Spain and internationally. Our access to the corridors of power where regulatory decisions affecting our industry are made means we always have up-to-date information on scientific and technical advancements in cosmetics. Our participation in Cosmetics Europe and our relationships with the European Commission, the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices, the National Toxicology Institute, the competent authorities in the Spanish regions and the leadership of the ISO/AENOR standards regulators gives us a unique strategic perspective.

Market research and studies

We carry out innovative market studies, which have enabled an ongoing in-depth understanding of the sector.

Internationalisation support

Our goal is to bring Spanish perfumery and cosmetics, Beauty From Spain, to the world’s markets. Stanpa is the benchmark in international consulting, monitoring the regulation of over 140 countries. It also facilitates the essential administrative processes for obtaining export certificates, thereby reducing paperwork and associated costs for the companies. Demand for this key service increases yearly, as we process thousands of documents.


Our training programmes cover subjects in all fields of study in order to ensure all our associates are up to date at all times. In 2018, over 1,800 professionals attended training sessions at Stanpa. There are over 39,000 employees in the sector’s 400 companies, who can all enjoy this specialist training free of charge.

Legal advice

We can answer any queries concerning the law applied to cosmetics. In particular, we are working on the further development and appropriate application of labour law and collective bargaining agreements as they affect workers in the industry, as well as fair competition, the defence of industrial property, and action to protect the environment.

Annual Activity Report 2018

Stanpa presents its regular Annual Report with all the events of 2018.

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