The perfumery and cosmetics sector collaborates with the government in order to prepare hydroalcoholic solutions

Press Release

17th, March 2020


Since last week, the Spanish Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (Stanpa) is working with the companies in the sector to provide an effective response to the need to provide society and the health system with extraordinary hydroalcoholic sanitizing solutions.

The Spanish perfumery and cosmetics sector is focused on this matter and has already dozens of companies willing to modify their production plans, which are increasing their full potential and transferring all their capacities for the production of this type of solutions in order to be able to give the greatest response.

This proactivity will allow a quick reaction to the request made yesterday by the Ministry of Health that within 48 hours the Authorities be informed of those available stocks of hydroalcoholic solutions. Stanpa is supporting and coordinating the reception of information between companies and administration in the same sense.

Likewise, all efforts are being made to find possible solutions to the complexity of obtaining ingredients, mainly alcohol, but also other components, including packaging and labels.

It is important to highlight that, due to the low rate of use of this type of products under normal conditions, the production of gels and sanitizing solutions is usually quite specific and it is usually minor in the production of companies, mostly SMEs. In recent weeks, all of them had increased their capacity to supply the system almost to the limit, either through pharmacies, supermarkets or directly to hospitals.

At this time, the main companies in the sector, whether they are manufacturers of this type of product or not, are immediately transferring capacities from their manufacture of perfumes, dyes or other products with alcohol to the manufacture of hydroalcoholic solutions. Big multinationals in the sector, national companies and many other small and medium-sized companies are participating in this process.

Above all, we wish to thank the numerous companies that have shown their willingness to collaborate by changing their production plans and referring them to these products despite the foreseeable economic losses that they are already facing due to the paralysis of the international and national market and the consequences not yet evaluated that this crisis will cause.

The priority for the sector is to contribute from its capabilities to provide sanitizing solution to health professionals, other professionals at the service of collective interests and all people who require this protection.


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