Responsible advertising

Advertising provides information about new products: how they work, who they are for and how to use them most effectively. So it’s very important that this information is clear for consumers. It should help them make decisions based on relevant and appropriate information, knowing that manufacturers are trustworthy and transparent.
In 2012, Cosmetics Europe and its members, including Stanpa, launched its Guiding Principles on responsible advertising and marketing communication. As well as encouraging basic principles in advertising (it should be legal, truthful and authentic), the guidelines provided information in other areas of interest to consumers.

With the intention of going further in its commitment, in 2015 Stanpa approved a Self-Regulation Code for Responsible Advertising in the Perfumery and Cosmetics Sector, accepted by the companies that make up Stanpa and open to any other companies in the sector joining. This code establishes a common basis of shared principles and criteria in order to offer society and the public responsible advertising and marketing communications in the context of fair competition. At the same time, Stanpa and Autocontrol signed a collaboration agreement defining a mechanism for monitoring compliance with and application of the Responsible Advertising Code, with Autocontrol taking on the task of monitoring this.